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I got 500 notes on that stupid comic OVER NIGHT what the hell you guys set a new record for me, thanks. Have this stupid thing as an offer.

And guys, of course we’re attending your marriage. We’re stalkers after all.

Put an extra “You may kiss” scene.

Wow guys 1503 followers! This is the most I’ve had to date. Im sorry I’ve been inactive my mom has been sick and my mind hasnt been set on tumblr for some time (I may be getting sick too) but i’ll start posting next week!


BMO skateboarding on your dash

Fucking savage bro



Bubbline meets Skyrim
Crossover of the two things I love the most

I’m crying this is beautiful.

I dont care what anyone sais. This is the best crossover. Nothing can beat it. This one wins

Dont mind this post. Just doing something for someone


Adventure Time bumpers - Finn and Jake’s Big Adventure.

I wish we had more Adventure Time bumpers.


hey look i made more!

[ part 1 ]

This is beautiful


Never change.

So in art class the other day, we were learning a new art style (I dont remember the name) you cannot look at the paper or lift your pencil from the paper. I decided to try some adventure time characters because why not? They turned out pretty well in my opinion

So in art class the other day, we were learning a new art style (I dont remember the name) you cannot look at the paper or lift your pencil from the paper. I decided to try some adventure time characters because why not? They turned out pretty well in my opinion

It’s been a while since I last put on my cosplay for you guys, so here it is! I made a few gifs for you. Sorry if they turned out bad, today was a tough day and I didnt get a lot of sleep. I hope everyone likes it!

Did I make a 1 year anniversary post yet? I dont yhink I have so anyway yea this is my first year on tumblr! Idk the exact day but it was roughly around this time. In over 365 days I got 1414 followers, over 2,000 posts, 4 fanfics and 1 cosplay photo set. More cosplay and fanfics will be posted soon I just want to thank all of you for my 1st year! If it werent for you I would just stop posting in all. Thanks so much to all of you! If anyone has reauests about cosplay, fanfictions, fanart (I can draw or post) or just want to talk send me a message. I’d love to hear from some of you! The posting will continue monday thank you all!!

Wow 1402 followers! Thanks so much all of you! If anyone has a request send me a message!

Speed dating (part one)

The bell rings again for the 13th time. Another 60 seconds has passed and so has another random princess. No one is sure who is actually a registered princess anymore because of the announcement from princess day. Not many people have heard about it but of corse the hero of ooo will hear about all princess buisness! Finn sighs as he hears all the feet shuffling at the new party house. Today is speed dating night and finn didn’t want to miss a chance of meeting ‘the one’.  He hears the chair at the opposite side of the table and looks up. “hi finn.” The baige collored princess sais. “oh hi froyo P. what are you doing here?” The cold baige colored princess smiles at the hero across the table. “well to be honest finn,  I didn’t know how we would work out so I went searching for another man. But I’m glad youre here!” Finn smiles and begins to ask another question when the bell rings.  Froyo princess stands up, sais her goodbyes and walks to table number 6. “last date tonight.” The announcer calls out on the microphone.  Finn looks down picturing in his mind how amazing it would be if he could see flame princess again. A flickering light grws at his table and he looks up excited. He grins but realizes that it was only a random fire elemental lighting his candle and walking away.  Depression settles in the young boy’s mind when he looks around to see his table empty but everyone else having a great time.  He stands up and begins to leave.

There’s something different about that chair. Finn takes a closer look at the chair. The cushon is pushed down as if someone is sitting in it! He sticks out his hand to touch it and he hears a high pitched laugh. Finn pulls his hand back feeling surprised and then she appears. Long black hair, gray skin looking soft and shiny unlike before. She is wearing the black dress with the long spikes at the top when they first met at that fateful night in the treehouse. “hello hero boy.” The pale skinned girl sais with a bit or sarcasm in her voice. “marceline?!”  finn sais surprised. “what are you doing here?” “I like to scope out the late night chumps around here. You get to see some interesting characters sometimes.  Have a seat we have some time left.” She sais with a smirk. Finn quickly sits down with many thought racing through his mind. “I heard about what you were doing a few days ago. Kissing all the princesses. Pretty routy stuff!” Finn blushes and rubs the back of his head feeling very nervous. “yea, haha, well I was just feeling dump trucks. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just thought of the first idea that came in my head. As jake said, follow your thumps and bumps.” The bell rings again and the announcer picks up the microhpone and taps on it to test the audio. “alright speed date goers its time to grab your favorite honey and go on home because its closing time! Come back next Friday if no one has met those super high standards you have.” All the other people get up to leave. Froyo princess looks at finn and waves, leaving with no one. A lot of people are holding hands with people they just met. Marceline notices finn watching the others. He looks lonley. “I wonder… should I take the risk?” marceline thinks to herself. Finn stands and without thinking, Marceline jumps up and grabs finn’s hand. “lets get out of here. Together.”  Finn clasps the vampire queen’s pale, soft hands and they walk out together.


They are the last ones to leave. The anouncer notices them and winks at finn as they leave. Outside, marceline pulls him closer and puts his arm around her waist. “hang on, hero boy.” Finn grabs on, tigher than before enjoying feeling her cold, soft body against his. She laughs and takes off, flying high holding the boy tightly against herself not caring his head is resting on her breasts.

“where are we going?” finn shouts over the strong wind high in the air. “I dunno my lo- uhm my hero.”  She shouts back. She looks around and sees a gathering of monsters attacking a village. “hey, hero boy, want to save some lives?” “oh boy do i! finn sais.” They fly down lower and slow down.  Marceline finds a safe spot to land. She drops finn and draws her axe bass usinng some teleportation magic she learned from a wizard friend. She lowers down next to finn who has his new iron sword with a blue jewel at the hilt. There are people screaming and buildings burning.  A giant skeletan runs around the corner after a few citizens, “its hero time!” finn shouts as he sprints towards the monster . marceline runs around the other side and at the same time, they slash at the giant’s legs cutting through and making it fall. They sprint through the town hacking and slashing at every monster they see.

“That was fun finn.”  Marceline sais, gasping from exhaustion.  She falls on her back and lays on the top of a hill. “come hero boy, take a rest.” Finn smiles and lays down next top marceline. “you were amazing today marcy. I didn’t know you were so good at fighting!”  She smiles and giggles. “I’ve been around a long time. I have learned a lot. Its not the best thing I’m at.” She sais with a wink. She climbs on top of finn and kisses him. Finn doesn’t know how to react. He just kisses back and feels something slide in his mouth. Its long and wet, but suprisingly warm. He pulls the vampire closer to him, kissing her deeper and longer. There’s a rustle in the bushes and they both stop kissing each other and jump up. Finn draws his sword and marceline picks up her axe bass. She bushes keep rusting like someone is running though it. There’s a scream and a thump on the ground. There’s a spark and then Princess bubblegum appears on the ground. There’s busted electronics on the ground. Her invisibility cloak is broken. She gets up, wipes her dress, and wipes the tears from her eyes and runs away. Finn looks at marcy and she looks back at him. “I uh… I’ll see you around finn.” Marceline flies away toward her cave. Finn sits down on the hill once more, thinking about what happened this night with a grin on his face. “things couldn’t have gone better for me.”

To Be Continued

It’s hard to see. It’s hard to breathe. “I cant be like this. This can’t be happening.”  She wipes tears from her eyes as she runs toward her kingdom of candy. “why finn… why…”

Its crossover time! from legend of zelda ocorania or time/margoras mask these games were my childhood and im playing oot now!
Source: joehoganart.deviantart

Its crossover time! from legend of zelda ocorania or time/margoras mask these games were my childhood and im playing oot now!

Source: joehoganart.deviantart

Defending the fortress
Source: jonny5alves

Defending the fortress

Source: jonny5alves